Rachael (dancinbutterfly) wrote in entourage_fic,

Fic: Going Nowhere 2/4 (Entourage/Supernatural x-over, R, Eric/Vince)

Title: Going Nowhere
Series: 2/4ish(this is subject to change.)
Segment Status: Complete
Fandom: Entourage/Supernatural
Disclaimer: I don't own Entourage or Supernatural. If I did, I would be doing more entertaining things than writing fic.
Pairing: Vince/Eric, Dean and Sam gen
Rating: R
Spoilers: Spoilers for Season 4 of Entourage and at least 2.18 - Hollywood Babylon of Supernatural, maybe more. Nothing obvious beyond that plot-wise for SPN but any rites and rituals are fare game if I need them.
Word Count: Just under 8,000 words
Betas and helpers: allyndra, ashley, and guest_age.

Authors Notes: This story is written for rheasilvia who bought me for Sweet Charity in the special winter auction. As requested this is a crossover between Entourage and Supernatural. But you only need a cursory knowledge of Supernatural to read it. Sam and Dean Winchester - they hunt supernatural stuff. They have a bitchin' car and love each other very much. Awesome. Now you're caught up on them. I had fun with them but took a little bit of liberties with how ghosts work(just little ones). Hopefully you can look past that minor aspect and enjoy.

Summary: Hollywood is an old town full of ghosts. Some of them are just more active than others.

Vince gave this Sam, a stranger that E had decided to hire without mentioning it, without talking to him, without any real reason, a winning smile that was faker than Pamela Anderson’s tits. The conversation rankled him, sent spikes of unease up his spine.

“I don’t think I believe in ghosts.”
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Title says it all. I love Sam and Dean and Eric and Vince. This is the first I read of them together. You are totally keeping them in character (that's about the best compliment I think a reader can give a fanfiction writer). Do you plan to finish?