Rachael (dancinbutterfly) wrote in entourage_fic,

Sign ups for the first ever Entourage Ficathon is now open!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help me with their opinions, thoughts and suggestions. Because of you, sign ups for the Entourage Ficathon are now open here:


Sign ups are open now until the 12th of March, and the ficathon itself will run until the end of June with the last day for posting on June 30th, as a more than 50% of the people polled said March-June was the best time for them.

Still, that's a solid 3 months of fic writing time, part of which is prime summer free time. I know that all my Entourage brothers and sisters can scrape together 1000 words in that time! I believe it! And I can't wait to see it.

So please, come. Join entourage_fest. Sign up. Write.

I'm sending comm invites to everyone who took the poll and I hope you'll all participate and make this an incredibly successful ficathon!
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