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just abi

Entourage Fest Take 2: The AU Edition Delicious Project

entourage_fest needs your help! You, yes, you, the fan(girl/boy) who reads Entourage fic. We're putting together an Entourage Fest Delicious listing of Entourage AU's to whet your whistles for the dozen or so delicious fest AU's coming soon to a comm near you, but we need you to help us find them. AU's can fall into to a few catagories: stories that veer from cannon at some point (e.g. the one where Vince does Tapping the Source instead of Aquaman and E becomes a big shot producer) or stories that reimagine the Entourage universe (like the one where Vince is a priest), or the Entourage-rare crack AU (I couldn't think of any, but I know in my heart of hearts it's out there...) and we want them all. If you want to rec us stories that you think don't quite fit one of our catagories, just let us know and we'll add a new one!

So, point us at the AU fic, read the AU fic, and don't forget to tip your waitress feed the authors!
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